Cosmetic Dentistry

About Cosmetic Dentistry

Who doesn’t want to have the perfect smile?
You can find it at Imagine Dental, your dental office in Niagara Region.
We can improve your smile by correcting chipped, cracked, discoloured and unevenly spaced teeth.
Some of the most popular cosmetic treatments in our office are:


Dental veneers are cosmetic restorations used to change the shape and color of one or multiple teeth.

They are thin shell-like porcelain structures that are bonded to the frontal part of the teeth.

Veneers are among the most popular and effective cosmetic restorations as they allow you to achieve long-lasting results and outstanding aesthetic improvement.

Porcelain veneers require time as you need to wait a few days until the laboratory sends back the finished product. However, they are very precise and possess higher aesthetic qualities.


Bonding refers to restorations attached to the tooth using a bonding agent. Such is the case of the composite fillings, Inlay, and Onlay restorations.

These bonding agents penetrate the microscopic tubes of the teeth to give the filling material a better grip and allow them to stay in place.

Composite restorations are directly made over the tooth, usually requiring a special curing light to harden.

In some occasions, you may require an Inlay or Onlay restoration. These types of restorations act like composite filling. However, they are not made inside the mouth, but an impression is required to make them in the Lab, and then the y are bonded to the tooth.

Porcelain Crowns

These types of crowns are more aesthetic and free of metal.

Traditional crowns usually have metal cores, thus minimizing the translucency of porcelain, which in turn diminishes the optic properties of porcelain.

Porcelain crowns solve this issue by using more resistant porcelain that allows it to be freely used without needing a metal core.

As there is no metallic component, porcelain can reflect the light similarly to the enamel. Therefore, achieving a more natural look with better aesthetics and becoming the best alternative for front teeth cases.


Teeth whitening is a simple procedure to change the color of the teeth, achieving lighter tones and making them look more aesthetically pleasing.

It is done using a product containing either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

When peroxide contacts the teeth, it penetrates them until reaching the stains located on their inner layers. This triggers a reaction where the pigment is eliminated, and the teeth appear whiter again.

Although some whitening products can be bought over the counter, their peroxide concentrations are lower than the professional whitening used by the dentist. It can take weeks or months to achieve the desired results. On the other hand, the dentist can provide the same results in only one or two applications.