Preventative Dentistry

About Preventative Dentistry

Periodontal disease and decay are both caused by bacterial plaque. Plaque is a colorless film, which sticks to your teeth at the gumline. Plaque constantly forms on your teeth. By thorough daily brushing and flossing you can remove these germs, avoid building up dental calculus, and help prevent periodontal disease.

Daily brushing and flossing will keep dental calculus to a minimum, but a professional cleaning done by a dentist or dental hygienist will remove calculus in places your toothbrush and floss have missed.

The dental hygienist uses special scaling tools to remove tartar effectively and make sure there are no leftovers hidden.

When tartar is not controlled, gums disease can evolve into periodontitis, creating deep pockets between the tooth and gums. The dental professional can use special instruments to reach inside these pockets and eliminate tartar.

Your visit to Imagine Dental is an important part of your program to prevent gum disease. Keep your teeth for your lifetime.
Prevention is key in oral health!

Did you know?

Adults over 35 lose more teeth to gum diseases, (periodontal disease) than from cavities. Three out of four adults are affected by gum disease at some time in their life.

Be smart! Book your preventive appointments with us at Imagine Dental, in Niagara Falls.